“Those who limit themselves, wisely, to what seems to them possible, will never advance a step.”

 – Renato Caccioppoli –


I was born in Udine on 2 April 1977 to my mother Giovannina, a valiant woman and a hard worker, to whom I owe 85% of my being, and my father Livio, a bricklayer, a man with a huge heart. I have a sister, Daniela, almost two generations younger than me, who I love very much.

I lived all my childhood, up to the age of 19, in Forni di Sotto, a small and firey town in the north west of Friuli, in Carnia.

My town has always been beautiful, charming and emblematic of my great country, characterized by frequent though trivial squabbles. But its greatest character comes from the capacity of its people to find themselves, after the squabbles, sitting together smiling and conversing over a glass of wine.

I know them well, the great people of Carnia; mistreated by the rest of this part of the world, with the bold hypocrisy of a false “betterness”, but certainly better than many supporters of haughty nothingness.

In the first decade of the 2000s I started to become increasingly passionate about the world of wine and spirits. I began to try to see things with a different perspective than what people observe. I am a person extremely convinced that science must first answer the “why” and then the “how”. 

Essentially, as Erasmus of Rotterdam said, “a madman”.

In my youth, I attended a serious and difficult school, perhaps more for love than for vocation, where I discovered by chance two other great passions of mine: philosophy and music, which would give a substantial impulse to what I carried out in coming years, forming myself by dreaming, reasoning, being and loving: “loving” things and, in particular, people.

Unruly student, “out of control”, “Baldovin get out of here!”, As my Latin teacher used to say. Incorrigible with all the professors, but curious as never before.


“The real voyage of discovery does not consist in finding new territories, but in possessing other eyes, seeing the universe with the eyes of another, of hundreds of others: observing the hundreds of universes that each of them observes, that each of them is. “

– Marcel Proust –


I was not a great example for those who want to be model pupils, yet an excellent example for others – for those who love risk, for those, as Rimbaud said, who love to be “Angels in the hands of a barber.”.

As an eternal admirer of the “underdog”, in whom I found more depth and intelligence than in superior people, I was always infatuated with the intrinsic goodness in the noblest human beings – in love with the cursed and wonderful smiles of women, those who crush your heart, for which you dedicate wines, life and your time waiting for them.

After my father’s death in 2001, I finished my studies in Udine, graduating in Environmental Sciences.

I have been married since 2006 to an amazing mother (Esmeralda) of my immense daughters, Giusy (2003) and Liviana (2006), who are the pride of my life.

 I then began to seriously study viticulture: not classical viticulture, but heroic viticulture, made up of research and countless problems, dreams and unexpected events.

The first question that I asked myself in starting my adventure was: “Why is Friuli is the only region of the Italian Alps that does not have viticulture in the mountains?” … And from there, I started my studies and, fortunately, I haven’t stopped yet.

I am passionate about the unknown, to which I have by now dedicated myself and which, for me, becomes and will become, until the end of my days, a daily challenge. In this type of research, the future reigns in the unknown: here is the challenge: tame the unknown,be on the side of the dark side!

I am adverse profit made exclusively for the uniqueness of the subject.

I love love, unfortunately, however, he does not seem to always love me … destiny. Patience.

I follow the heart, even if it deceives more than anything else. And I try. With love, which I love, I try to overcome all obstacles in truly romantic fashion.

I think with my heart, I listen with my eyes, I elaborate with my mind. I can do no differently.


It is the law of love: we love because we feel the need to, not to obtain something or to be reciprocated, otherwise we would be condemned to unhappiness”.

(R. Ch. Nuriev)


I began to study in depth what varieties could be grown in our unruly environment, how to grow them, how to make wine. It became an obsession. An enchanting obsession, like a beautiful smile from a blonde woman or the expressive, smiling eyes of a brunette woman.

I have been testing and making wine since 2015. We have found a great variety, Solaris, which adapts well to our climate and temperatures; it germinates late and ripens early, it resists cold and disease well. I am essentially focusing on this variety, though, we have also taken other paths that will surely give great results.

We are constantly looking for others to give prestige to our territory. Never stop, so as not to get lost in the dark.

Since 2018 we have been producing Solaris wines with excellent alcohol content, acidity and complex aromas.

Among the friends who collaborate with me I also include several experts, all passionate experts, and great drinkers.

Without them I would be lost, they are my guardian angels: they govern my impulsiveness, my wandering among mistakes and my thinking with the heart with enormous wisdom and patience (frustrations aside!). 

 Written from the heart, which governs everything.