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Presentation “Biovitis Project”

On the evening of Friday 04 March 2022, at the Mountain Community of Carnia, in Tolmezzo (UD), the presentation of the “Biovitis Project” took place.
In front of the presence of the FVG Regional Councilor, Stefano Zannier, the President of the Regional Council, Stefano Mazzolini, the director of the Carinthian Chamber of Agriculture, the whole project was exposed, listing the participating partners, the objectives in charge and the tools that they will be used for the study.
The project involves the study of four existing vineyards at altitudes between 632 m. and the 865 m. Altogether 15 varieties (Soreli, Solaris, Fleuertai, Sauvignon Kretos, Merlot Khantus, Cabernet Volos, Valnosia, Cabernet Cortis, Nermantis, Julius, Cabernet Blanc, Pinotin, Bronner, Souvignier Gris, Muscaris, Cabernet Jura) will be studied, all resistant (PIWI).
Climatic, phenological and phytopathological analyzes will be carried out on these vineyards.
Subsequently, the presence of copper and gluconic acid will be analyzed on grapes, musts and wines and the vitality of the mild wines will be studied.
During the winter, the resistance of the varieties to frost will also be studied.
Here are some photos of the meeting and the link to the press release of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and site “”.

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