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State of the grapes – Julius

These photographs refer to the state of the Julius bunches as of 07 November 2021 in Forni di Sotto, at 850 m. .
After five years of testing with this variety, as for the Nosiola (Ex prototype “F26”), it was decided, from 2022, to explant this variety.
The climatic conditions and the problems encountered during the ripening phase lead us to think, with absolute certainty, that this variety is not suitable for our climates.
The latest analyzes on the grapes will be carried out on Thursday 11 November 2021. The season can now be said to be over, with plants that no longer have leaves, so photosynthesis is practically nil.
After the sixth year of testing we found great difficulties in identifying a red grape suitable for the Friulian mountains.
We have also seen that Solaris, Sauvignon Kretos and Soreli can be profitably grown at our altitudes.

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