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Veraison – Sauvignon Kretos 15.10.21

This is the state of the Sauvignon Kretos grapes as of October 15, 2021.
The grapes are healthy and without particular disease problems.
Although the vintage is very late compared to the previous six years, the grapes have a beautiful color.
Unlike last year, two treatments with copper and sulfur were performed which prevented the onset of particular diseases.
The foliar apparatus is still discreet.
Today the first samples are taken which will be taken for analysis to determine the potential alcohol, acidity and pH.
From my experience I believe that on this variety, in the future there are excellent possibilities both for a sparkling process and for a vinification with still wine.
Among the whites tested in recent years, clearly after Solaris, I think it is the earliest in the ripening phase. The Soreli, compared to the Sauvignon Kretos, is about a week late in maturation.
Below I publish some shots of the bunches.

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