“The mind loves the unknown. It loves images whose meaning is unknown, as the meaning of the mind itself is unknown.”

– Renè Magritte –


Imagine the unknown. Can you do it? The dark, the dark side that attracts you ..

Imagine immersing yourself in a job where you know nothing: neither how to start, nor how to move, nor what are the correct things to do.

Then imagine that the corrected things in other environments, in yours, where you are operating are not going well.

Imagine that the problems that others in the same industry have, you don’t have them.

Imagine that the problems that you have, others do not have them.

Imagine the detractors and the ignorant.

Imagine the bureaucratic obstacles.

Imagine the scarcity of means, bibliography and instrumentation.

Imagine the scarcity and speed of time …

Here you are, with us.

Here you are with those who are studying the new, the future that may come, the wines of Carnia, sustainable and good.

Destiny has given me, in this respect, some great collaborators, who, out of pure passion, endure me and try to carry on the research together with ma: the oenologist Paolo Valdesolo and dr. Nicola Macrì. I believe these people are the gift that fate has given me to plan, pursue and carry out this fantastic adventure.

Thanks to them we have already completed four vinifications, the 2018 vintage, the 2019 vintage and the 2020 vintage of Solaris and two vinifications of Soreli (Vintage 2020 and 2021).

Thanks to them we have begun to rule the unknown: we have seen how these varieties behave during the winters, when they cry, when they bloom, when they ripen and when they mature.

We have studied various types of winemaking, various ways of aging and we are also focusing on new types of products and even varieties.

We are also trying to find a red berried variety, ideal for territories such as ours.

We try to understand the unknown … and he, in my opinion, is trying to understand us.


“The most insignificant thing contains a bit of the unknown. Let’s find it.”

– Guy De Maupassant –